FAQ for Tutor

Do I need to provide or define the teaching materials?

No. The necessary study material is developed and provided by Savvy English. You may provide additional words for the student to practice in addition to our educational material. However, always be mindful of the differing cultures and avoid sensitive subjects (e.g. religion, politics, etc.)

What standards are used to assess a student's English proficiency and who performs the assessments?

Savvy English's online assessment/scoring system has defined the assessment scoring guidelines based on a set of 44 IPA General American (GA) pronunciation phonemes. During the 2-hour face-to-face session, tutors will listen and carefully evaluate student's pronunciation skills and use our online scoring system to record their assessments.

Who develops learning plans & progress reports?

Tutors will use Savvy English's online system to identify specific pronunciation areas in need of improvement or concentration and to generate the appropriate learning plan and progress report. Tutors are also encouraged to provide additional comments or suggestions for student.

Will I be hired as an employee or contractor of Savvy English?

You will be a contractor with Savvy English. Contractors are considered by the IRS as self-employed thus allowing them to directly deduct from income any business-related expenses (e.g. cost of headphones, microphones, business-use of: computer, cell-phone, internet service).

How and when do I receive pay?

Payday is monthly on the fifth business day of the month for work during the preceding month. We pay through direct deposit.

When are the 2-hour sessions scheduled during the day?

Remember, most of our students live and work in the Far East in a time zone usually 13 or 14 hours ahead of US time. Students are willing to schedule their sessions before or after their work or school day. They will have more available time to receive our tutoring services throughout their weekends. Almost all our tutoring services will be provided in our early morning or evening time.

Who provides the software and/or hardware requirements?

Tutor provides their own machine which can access the World Wide Web with any standard browser through an internet connection with a speed of at least 4 Mbps (to determine your internet speed go to the website: http://www.speedtest.org and click on the "Start speed test"). Also headphones and microphone are required to facilitate clear hearing and communication to the student.

How are internet security issues addressed?

Our secure system is designed with an intermediary level of shielding between student and tutor machines effectively making each computer invisible to the other through a commercial virtual meeting product.

Must I currently be a certified/licensed teacher?

No. But you must have been certified/licensed at one time. We also require that you are an experienced phonetics teacher, with K-3 teaching experience in a US school system.

What is the background and educational level of the students that enroll in the program?

Through our screening process we admit students that are highly motivated and eager to learn the proper pronunciation of English in order to advance their careers, continue university studies in the US and/or work in the US. The students are usually young adults (20s to 30s), have at least university-level education including baccalaureate, master and PhD degrees and are attending school and/or working usually in cross-border international companies.

What is the English proficiency of the students?

Our students typically should have learned an English vocabulary of at least 3000 words which is the normal goal of the foreign schools they attended.

If you have any additional question, please send your question directly to info@savvyenglish.org.