FAQ for Student

What are the differences between Savvy English and other companies which have the similar business?

1.One-to-one/face-to-face sessions via commercial meeting system not by phone.
2.Students can request refund any time without any reason.
3.The most important difference is: what you experience is American Culture, American Education,American Thoughts,American Teacher(experienced and certificated). Out belief is: not anyone who can speack English(eg:Filipino) we can call him "foreign teacher".

How long will the program last?

1. Generally, the program will last 12 weeks with 2 hours sessions each week.
2. If you want to shorten the program, please let us know and we will work with you.

Who develops learning plans & progress reports?

Tutors will use Savvy English's online system to identify specific pronunciation areas in need of improvement or concentration and to generate the appropriate learning plan and progress report. Tutors are also encouraged to provide additional comments or suggestions for student. The learning plan and progress reports will then be viewable by students.

When are the 2-hour sessions scheduled during the day?

Student can specify their available time for the week; we then will find a match for the student.

How are classes delivered?

The classes are delivered through a commercial internet meeting system. You get face-to-face full attention from the designated tutor. Please register and sign up, check out a snippet of real classes.

Are there specific dates of the year the program is only offered?

No. You can begin our 12-week program any time of the year that fits your availability.

What are the software and/or hardware requirements?

Student needs to have a computer which can access the World Wide Web with any standard browser through an internet connection with a speed of at least 4 Mbps. Also headphones and microphone are required during the sessions.

How are internet security issues addressed?

Our secure system is designed with an intermediary level of shielding between student and tutor machines effectively making each computer invisible to the other through a commercial virtual meeting product.

What is the background and educational level of the tutors?

Currently our educators are US-based, experienced, professional teachers with current or prior certification, who enjoy teaching. They either have ESL certification or have prior teaching experience in phonetics, conversational and listening.

In the event of a disruption in my availability to attend sessions due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. emergency, illness, etc.), can I reschedule my sessions or suspend the program for a time?

Yes, please give us 48 hours advanced notice prior to the start of a scheduled session. You can either cancel the upcoming session, and continue with the remaining schedule, or you can reschedule for the upcoming one. If you plan to suspend it for a long time, or request the refund, we will grant it. Upon your return, if you want to stay with the same tutor upon resuming the program, we would work with your tutor if it is possible to rearrange their availability to accommodate your circumstances.

Will you issue any certificate upon completion of the program?

Yes. Through the ACTFL (a professional, foreign-language-certifying organization which you can visit at http://www.actfl.org ) you can take their certifying exam. Once passing the exam, you will then be awarded a certification. This certification is widely accepted in the United States and it also indicates your English proficiency meets the language requirements for employment with the U.S. government. Please NOTE: if you want to be prepared to pass the exam to receive this certification, we strongly advise you complete our program, strictly adhering to the learning plan, devoting at least 1 hour each day practicing your pronunciation. WE DO NOT PROMISE EVERY STUDENT WILL RECEIVE THIS CERTIFICATION.

Of course, even if you do not pass the certification exam, you can still testify to the fact you successfully finished all sessions of the Savvy English pronunciation program and to what proficiency level you had achieved upon completion of the program!

If you have any additional question, please send an email to info@savvyenglish.org.